Invisible self-closing solution for internal and external flush-to-wall doors

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This Kit consists of a hinge with hydraulic mechanism and integrated door closer (REI CM) and a hinge without closing mechanism (REI SM).
The kit is suitable for fire doors, hotel doors, wooden and metal doors and both external and internal flush-to-wall reinforced doors.

    • Integrated hinge and door closer function
    • Suitable for spaces free of architectural barriers
    • Easy installation
    • Premium product in design and functionality
    • Individual adjustments are to be implemented with the door already mounted
    • Tested according to the EN 1634-1 standard for fire resistance testing
    • For doors with a maximum width of 1200mm and 100kg
    • They allow a door opening angle of up to 125°
    • They allow automatic closing of the door starting from 125°
    • Height, side, depth and tilt adjustment
    • Allows the door to be completely in line with the wall
    • Closure speed, closure force, and door final release to lock and opening angle adjustments

Template, accessory for drilling

Template designed for maximum precision when drilling for the REI CM hinge seat.

  • The template is made from tempered steel, for excellent performance and longevity
  • We remind you that hinge assembly must be carried out by carefully following the instructions included in the packaging

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