FW 50 90 SC

For glass swing doors

Premium hinge for positive and negative vertical swing doors covered by international patents.

  • Ambidextrous hinge
  • Suitable for doors up to approx. 50 kg
  • Allows manual opening and closing up to 175° +/- 5°
  • Automatic closure from approx. 85° to 0°
  • Adjustment of closure speed by turning a variable effect nozzle for closure that’s always controlled
  • Nozzle anti-unscrewing system that prevents its escaping
  • Integrated “Soft Close” system that means a more pleasant door closure, activated from approx. 10° to 0°
  • The hinge can be mounted in the frame or door profile upwards or downwards
  • Watertight hinge “certified IP 56 Watertight” according to EN 60529
  • Salt spray corrosion test of 1000h (hours) according to the ASTM B117 standard, for a high-performance product

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